Therapeutic Implants

Taragenyx has the know-how to incorporate and deliver active pharmaceutical and biologic drug compounds directly from an implant. Combining the healing power of biotechnology with existing medical devices to help the body repair itself.

With the global population now simultaneously getting older whilst remaining physically active for a lot longer, demand for hip, knee, spine and even dental implants is expected to sky-rocket.

Taragenyx is an orthopaedic biotechnology company developing and producing a new generation of surface-active coatings and skeletal implants, that can accelerate healing times and help the body repair itself.

Our proprietary device-drug combination therapies deliver active medications directly to where they are needed most. Improving fixation, preventing infection, and ultimately helping patients to heal faster in far less pain.

The novel and proprietary system developed by Taragenyx, involves the creating of hybrid feedstock powders which can be produced both with and without the addition of pharmacologically active drug compounds.

The resulting bio-active, therapeutic and biologic feedstocks can then be applied to the surfaces of medical implants using standard spray coating equipment, compounded into medical grade plastics, delivered as point-of-care therapeutic sprays, or used as the base materials for the production of patient-specific custom implants using additive manufacturing techniques.