Orthopaedic Biotechnology

Taragenyx is an orthopaedic biotechnology company developing self-healing implant technologies that help the body repair itself.

Every year more than 2-million people receive some form of artificial joint prosthesis. Such implants are designed to last many years, but in about 20% of patients the implant eventually loosens and has to be replaced early - causing dangerous patient complications, affecting negatively on the surgeons reputation, and imposing significant additional costs on an already burdened healthcare system.

Yet, despite all these challenges and years of incremental advances in implant design, the holy grail of implant surgery has yet to be achieved - a truly longer lasting implant for a young and active generation.

Until now. Harnessing the body's own natural healing processes is the most promising area of orthopaedics today, and is set to become even more influential in the future of musculoskeletal medicine.

Traditional orthopaedic biomaterials are now giving way to orthopaedic biology. Replacing engineered metals, plastics and ceramics, with growth factors, stem cells, gene therapies and tissue engineered products.

A new generation of therapeutic implants based on Taragenyx technologies now have the potential to deliver long lasting solutions in musculoskeletal surgery.

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