Taragenyx has developed hybrid ceramic-metal coating particles
to improve implant fixation on either PEEK or metallic implants.

Hydroxyapatite and titanium based implant coatings are well established in the design and production of orthopaedic joint replacements to improve fixation and overall implant longevity. Taragenyx have developed a new approach combining titanium with each hydroxyapatite particle. These particles can be used for coating, compounding and additive manufacturing.

TRGYX-001, our PEEK interbody cage, utilises this technology to overcome the inherent bio-inert properties of PEEK, to improve long-term stability.


Stronger: 14 times stronger than existing PEEK implants.

Seamless: Feedstock coating powder fits within existing production techniques.

Bioactive: Osteoconductive effect promotes faster healing and implant fixation.