Taragenyx receives notice of intention to grant European patent on industry-leading therapeutic implant coatings

- Award-winning biotech gains key patent for self-healing implant technology -

Glasgow, Scotland - May 28, 2015

Award winning orthopaedic biotechnology company, Taragenyx Ltd., today announced that the European Patent Office has issued a notice of intention to Grant a European Patent on the “Coating Technology” utilized within the Company’s bioactive, therapeutic, and regenerative implants under patent application number 14186252.5. Upon final approval, the patent can be officially filed in over 30 European countries.

“The European Patent Office’s Intention to Grant notice further validates the advanced coatings and therapeutic drug-release technologies that Taragenyx intends to bring to the clinical market,” said Andrew McNeill, Chief Scientific Officer of Taragenyx Ltd. “This patent application represents the commitment of Taragenyx to expand our global patent portfolio across the emerging field of “smart” medical implants able to deliver active therapeutic drug compounds for superior clinical outcomes.

Iain McDougall, Chief Executive Officer of Taragenyx, added, “The Patent on the coatings technology utilized in our medical implant designs is extremely valuable, as this patent broadly covers the concept of delivering active pharmaceutical and biologic drug compounds directly from an implant surface. With this recent Intention to Grant a European Patent notice from the European Patent Office, we will have a significant opportunity to increase our expertise in this area, as well as pursue lucrative licensing opportunities with medical implant manufacturers and advanced biomaterials providers.”

The Coating Method developed by Taragenyx is a significant advance in orthopaedic medical implant design, providing accurate release of therapeutic drug compounds while fitting seamlessly within existing manufacturing and production processes. The method uses hybrid-coating particles that can be sprayed onto the surface of an implant using existing thermal spray processes. In addition the hybrid particles can also be 3D printed to form novel custom structures, or compounded into base implant biomaterials. Presence of these hybrid particles produces a highly osteo-conductive surface which gives rise to accelerated osseo-integration and stronger anchoring to host bone tissues, thus reducing the healing time required prior to loading of the implant.

Taragenyx are backed by Kelvin Capital, Lancaster Capital, and the Scottish Investment Bank, with offices in Entrepreneurial Spark and laboratory facilities within the University of Glasgow. The company is the youngest and only biotech company on the prestigious London Stock Exchange ELITE Program for high growth businesses.